Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art of Living mitigates water scarcity in Chikmagalur village

MANGALORE: Thanks to the water conservation project initiated by the Art of Living, the villagers of Lakshmipura, about seven kms from Chikmagalur town in Chikmagalur District, will not face water scarcity and drought during summers.

Their problem came to the fore when Art of Living volunteers organized its Rural Part I programme in December 2011, for the villagers to bring about social transformation and inculcate a harmonious bonding within the community. While interacting with the villagers, the problem of drinking water cropped up frequently.

Nagraj Gangolli, Art of Living Teacher and Project Coordinator said: A thick white layer of fluoride was often seen in the water, making it unfit for drinking. Despite being a rain-fed area, the groundwater table had declined from 160 feet to an incredibly low 400 feet. Read More

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