Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don’t link terrorism with religion: Jamiat

A resolution to this effect was adopted at a well attended public meeting held at the Nizam College grounds here comprising 6000 clerics from all over the country.Guruji was the chief guest.Read More

Shivaji Exhibition: Guruji's Speech, Mumbai

Guruji was asked to speak of Sivaji and his spiritual side, said: "One day, Sivaji who was tired of all the problems he faced as a ruler, went to Samarta Ramdas and laid down his crown in front of the swami. Sivaji said he found the burden of ruling was too much for him to handle. The swami accepted it and when Sivaji was just about to leave, he called him and placed a proposition in front of him. The swami said he would take the mantle of the ruler under one condition: that Sivaji work for him. "Sivaji gladly accepted and returned to rule the country with great prudence. All he needed was the burden of responsibility taken off him."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

For guru, even traffic is beautiful

STRESS ANTIDOTE "Sri Sri ... comes to the United States, to Boston, to bring a little light and lightness," follower Michael Fischman Read More.