Friday, April 30, 2010

Youth programme brings togetherness

SILCHAR, April 29, 2010: A Youth Training Leadership Programme (YLTP) was organized by the Art of Living for the rural youth at the Agriculture University, Arunachal, near Silchar. At the end of the programme, the participants belonging to the various tribes such as Dimasa and Zeme Naga of NC Hills, Hmar, Manipuri, Nepali and also from the Bengali community took oath to stop violence and bring peace to the region and make people realize that “Unity is Strength”. Read More

The space within By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spiritual leader

You cannot measure the amount of energy inside an atom. Similarly, you cannot measure the full potential of a human being. The nature of a human being is quite similar to that of an atom. The core of an atom is positive. The negatively charged particles are only on the periphery of the atom. Similarly, the negativity of a person is not their true nature; it is just on the periphery. One is said to be "centered" when he or she is calm, steady and pleasant.

How do we know whether the knowledge that we have is correct or not? Even 10,000 years ago, people knew that Jupiter had 63 moons. They used the subjective way of knowing things -- by intuition and quieting the mind. When the mind becomes calm (it is like being in a state of deep rest though one is totally alert), then an intention is taken. With that intention comes intuition, knowledge as well as inspiration. Using this method, ancient sages derived knowledge about the universe and developed mathematical techniques that are valid today. Age-old calendars can still tell exactly what time an eclipse will happen. Ancient societies in the East knew that the sun is at the center of the solar system and planets move around it. They used the method of intuitive awareness in which one feels that every cell in his body is fully alive now, and the mind is quiet. You call that Samadhi. Read more

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar takes health on priority

While commenting on the health of so-called urban progressive people, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his write-up in a national daily says, “Today, people spend all their health in earning wealth and then spend all their wealth in regaining their lost health. And, we consider it a sign of progress.”

Here is the ABC of health culled out of the thoughts of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

A: Acquiring mental calm and emotional softness is true health;
B: Biggest cause of the urban health problem is the stress;
C: Clean and hygienic mind is the key to health;
D: Don’t treat your body and mind as bins to first dump in the trash and than clean them;
E: Emotions have become rough in urban society to cause mental ill health.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar recommends that the practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation to gain holistic health. Read More

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Values: Elusive Reality - Guruji's Article in Huffingtonpost

Trust is the backbone of business, and ethics its limbs; both of these principles are at stake today. The faith that people have in banks and financial institutions has shaken and in such a situation, it becomes difficult for business to flourish.

Understanding and re-evaluating our way of doing business is an earnest need of our times. To re-establish faith and trust in the economic system, we need a moral and ethical revival.

The system currently lacks proper checks and balances. The Madoff scandal in New York, the catastrophe with Lehman Brothers and other investment banks, the burst of the dot-com bubble, the Enron debacle -- these are all cases in point, where an artificial hype was created by manipulating data and people were kept in the dark about what was really happening for a long time. Greed in the form of unchecked corruption that has crept even into the judicial system has dimmed the hope of people. Human values have taken a back seat. Given this backdrop, what could be the steps forward?

We have to ensure that the human values of honesty, integrity and compassion are encouraged and rewarded. Read More

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Now available in all Divine Shops of Art of Living Information Centres

HP to extend yoga classes to middle schools

Shimla, Apr 5 (PTI) Yoga will be part of the curriculum of middle schools in Himachal Pradesh from the next academic year, the assembly was told today.

Syllabus has been prepared for introducing yoga as a subject from standard VI to VIII, Education Minister I D Dhiman said to question of Randhir Sharma (BJP).

The discipline is taught in 1,433 primary schools under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan for girls, he said.

The department had availed the services yoga guru Swami Ramdev and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in formulating text books, the minister said. Read More

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A do for a cleaner Delhi!

It’s our city, and the state of the river that is its lifeline, the Yamuna, is also our responsibility. To create awareness and mobilise support for this cause, Art of Living launched its citizen awareness campaign titled ‘Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna’ on March 16 at Purana Qila, which saw the presence of thousands of citizens, leaders and stakeholders.

This is a social initiative by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual and humanitarian leader and founder, Art of Living, that aims to create awareness and ownership among citizens for the Yamuna. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Art of Living have been spearheading a week-long cleanliness drive of the eight Yamuna ghats, where thousands of Art of Living volunteers, along with supporting organisations and others, have cleaned the ghats, waded into the waters, removed debris and waste and planted trees on the ghats to beautify them. Read More from Times of India

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kumbh largest saint-expo on Earth: Guruji

His smile has captivated millions and he is known for his simple message laced with humor amongst his followers. Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of the Art of Living and a great humanitarian, is not your everyday Godman. Known as Guruji, Sri Sri is active in various social works all over the world and inspires lakhs to take to ancient yoga exercises and wisdom.

In an exclusive conversation with Shashank Chouhan of, he shares his views on how the Mahakumbh is being affected by our apathy. Read more from Zee News