Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview with Mala Sundareshan

Stress today has become a part of a child's life too. Children often find themselves at crossroads when it comes to dealing with peer-pressure, handling emotions, expectations of their parents and the ever-increasing competition. Meet Mala Sundareshan, who travels around the globe teaching children the art of dealing with their minds and helping them make life a perpetual party

Q: What is it that drives you to travel around and teach kids- isn't schools meant to do that exactly?

A: I have played cricket for India and captained Karnataka for 20 years. One day, I was dropped from the Indian team. It was a very tough time for me. All the teachers, coaches only tell you how to reach the top but no one teaches you how to handle failure. I myself went through a lot of stress and pain and when I did my Art of Living program, I learnt how to smile through situations. That is when I decided that it is important for all to know how to heal from within. This was the driving force to take this to children all across.

Today, many schools are becoming aware of the value of teaching human values, but efforts in that direction are less. Schools are looking at this kind of education The Art of Living has tremendous knowledge and experience in the field of personality development and developing human values in children and youth, and make sure that kids learn from their core subjects. Our programs are designed such that they can be made an integral part of the school curriculum as well and it is already being offered in many schools.
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