Saturday, October 3, 2009

Money creates a false sense of independence

The Times of India, 30th September, 2009

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Money gives one a sense of freedom and ownership. We believe that with money we can own anything, that we can put a price tag on anybody's services.

Ownership of something means total control of its existence. When we buy a piece of land, we feel that we own it, although the land continues to exist even after the owner is no more. How can we own something that outlives us?

Money also gives the idea that we are powerful and independent, blinding us to the fact that we live in a world of interdependence. We depend on farmers, cooks, drivers and the services of so many people around us. Even an expert surgeon cannot operate by herself. She depends on others. Because we pay for their services, we overlook the fact that we depend on them. Read More

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