Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'Use social media, get more power

BANGALORE, INDIA: Egypt's first woman Presidential candidate. A pioneer in Indian television programming. Anna Hazare's media strategist. A gorgeous film-maker from Jordan.

What could be in common among them?

Apart from the fact that they are of the fairer sex, they have faced several hardships – personal and professional – had determined to break the glass ceiling and are striving to pass on their knowledge to fellow women.

And it is just the tip of the intriguing iceberg.

Bothaina Kamel used to be a television anchor, later turning into a human rights activist, before filing nomination for Presidential candidacy in the erstwhile strife-ridden Egypt.

At the International Women's Conference here on Saturday, she was on the panel discussing Women & Technology – Women & the Social Media, in particular. She narrated how a journalist friend of her was detained by the Hosni Mubarak government in 2008 and how social media came to her friend's rescue.

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