Monday, May 30, 2011

Stressbusting with Sri Sri Ravishankar

BANGALORE: It was the perfect ending to a long day for Anna. Saturday evening was spent in the company of spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar at Art of Living International Centre on Kanakapura Road.

He devoted 15 minutes to meditation with Sri Sri and hundreds of devotees. Addressing them, he said: "Service to humanity is service to God. Many people spend at least half an hour in temples doing pujas. Later, they spend one hour trying to grab others' land. Both worship and service to people should go hand in hand." 

Sri Sri called on people to fight against corruption by sticking labels stating 'I won't take bribe' on every officer's desk. "First we should stop giving bribes. The fight against corruption should begin from here. We should at least influence 100 people and commit them against giving bribes," he said. He underlined the need for a revolution of thought and feeling. Read More

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