Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thousands take pledge to practice organic farming.

Bangalore. February 3, 2011: A pledge taken by thousands to practice organic farming marked the Art of Living Founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s visit to Gadag on February 2, 2011. 108 farmers were felicitated by Sri Sri for their commendable work for using organic methods of farming.

Titled ‘Hasirotsava’, Sri Sri’s visit to Gadag on Feb 2, was to inspire farmers to pledge and support a vision of a poison-free land, food and water. He inaugurated Art of Living’s first agriculture college in Harthi, offering a Diploma in Organic Farming, certified by IGNOU.

 “Our country is a country of farmers, if the farmer is happy the country is happy. The youth along with the experienced will come together in our Agriculture College in Harthi. Our sole purpose is to make our youth grow as farmers and become the wealth of our nation.” said Sri Sri.
Citing that the world needed to learn human values from India, Sri Sri added, “It is Indian villages which stand for and personify human values. This is what our country has to offer to the world. “

During his tour of North Karnataka, Sri Sri addressed a cross-section of people in public interactions, seminars, and satsangs.
On Feb 3, 2011, Sri Sri visited Bagalkot where he inaugurated a ‘Farmers Resource Centre’ to help farmers develop their own resources, manage their land, income and become self –reliant. Read More

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