Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chant mantras for peace of mind

Mullah Nasseruddin was constantly grumbling from morning till evening.If he was given coffee, he would say, “My wife has given me so much coffee”. If he did not get coffee, he would say, “She never gives me coffee”.

If there was nothing to complain about, he would say, “No good rains. The harvest is very poor this season.” Eventually, when good rains would come and bring a good harvest, he would say, “Now I have ended up with a lot of work. I have to go and cut the harvest.”

As we can see in Mullah Nasseruddin’s story, not everybody feels content all the time. Keeping the mind peaceful is a habit. The mind drops good things in life and clings onto the bad things. Good and bad experiences are a natural part of our life and will continue to appear whether we like it or not.  Read More

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