Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yoga and Meditation Camp held for female inmates in Punjab Jail

The ‘Art Of Living’ Foundation, Bangalore run by Sri Sri Ravishankar conducted the Prison Smart Course in Women Hostel of Central jail. More than hundred female inmates participated in the course and found it very usefull in fighting stress by meditation and yoga, as stated in a official press release.

Speaking on the occasion, Programme Coordinator Manmeet Pal Kaur, emphasized the need of yoga and meditation to ward off stress and depression. Yoga was essential in maintaining the spiritual health of an individual in this world of loneliness.
Superintendent, Central Jail, Amritsar G.S. Sidhu, called upon more and more jail inmates to join yoga and meditation courses which can help in de-addiction and remove sense of guilt for being in the jail.

He said it was the policy of the Government to organise ‘Art of Living’ courses in all jails of the state so that inmates can lead a better life when they are released from Jail. He said in future, many more such courses to be organised in the Jail. Read More

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