Wednesday, July 7, 2010

‘Present generation gains wealth but loses health'

COIMBATORE: The present generation is stressed out in its pursuit of wealth.

In the process, it loses health, Chairman of Art of Living Arun Madhavan said here on Sunday.

In his acceptance speech after receiving the Dynamic Indian of the Millennium Award from K.G. Foundation, he said “the generation in a hurry” was looking for instant relief from all problems.


It was to be noted that even doctors and paramedics were nowadays being increasingly exposed to stressful working environment.

As for the healthcare delivery system, the cost of hardware, software and manpower to run healthcare units had risen exponentially, beyond the reach of common man.

Mr. Madhavan spoke on the relevance of time-tested techniques to keep the mind clear and calm.

These included simple breathing techniques, singing and phonetic vibrations through chanting of mantras.

In order to commemorate the Doctors' Day Celebrations and also in order to recognise doctors for their distinguished contribution to healthcare, the K.G. Foundation honoured 71 of them from various parts of the State with the “Doctor of Excellence” award.

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