Sunday, July 18, 2010

MCM holds four-day Yes + workshop to beat stress

MCM DAV College for Women today organised a four-day Art of Living Workshop for its students. The YES+ course by the foundation which highlights on youth empowerment and skill development started with an insightful lecture delivered by Ramnik Bansal, an international faculty from the Art of Living Foundation. The lecture was attended by more than 800 students with much enthusiasm and keenness.

The event presented an opportunity for the students to learn various life skills like leadership, confidence, relationship building, and academic excellence. The lecture also focused on developing essentials of healthy living like physical well being, emotional stability besides teaching Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s very popular ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ Bansal, who immediately developed a rapport with the young audience, said, “It is very essential for students to delve deeper into learning of life skills and it is highly appreciable how MCM DAV college encourages and supports value education.” Read More from Indian Express

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