Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art of Living Foundation > Iraq: Women's Empowerment Programs

Art of Living Foundation > Iraq: Women's Empowerment Programs What is offered? The Art of Living offer a Women’s Empowerment Program in Iraq addresses women’s emotional and psychological needs and gives them the skills they need to achieve economic stability for themselves and their families.Trauma Relief Workshops to release stressThe women undergo trauma relief workshops to release the build up of stress, fear of attack and lack of security. They also release the trauma from the loss of friends and family members and the responsibility of often being the family’s sole breadwinner and caregiver.Vocational Training to build confidence and economic independenceOnce they can establish a sense of stabilty and inner peace for themselves, they are able to implement the skills that they learn in vocational training programs and have the confidence and enthusiasm to change their lives and care for their families. They have the tools to achieve an economic status where self-sustainability and community leadership are possible.Vocational Training Programs are offered in:* Tailoring* Computers

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