Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visits Malayala Manorama

Kottayam: Spiritual leader and founder of Art of Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited Malayala Manorama on Tuesday. In a world of compartmentalised humanity, Guruji spoke about the importance of media in keeping the society intact. 

Interacting with all who gathered in the premises of Manorama here, Guruji praised the leadership and readership of the Manorama newspaper among the Malayalees. “Media should live up to the expectation of the people. Guru and journalist are doing similar job,” he said. 

In the context of a stressful working atmosphere faced by journalists everywhere, he stressed the importance of keeping the mind relaxed.” When you relax, the mind gets energized,” he told the journalists.

“Turn every problem into a wonder, every adventure into joy..and this starts happening inside you with the glimpse and experience of this deep, pure divine,love..”, Guruji quoted.

With a vision of enlightenment and mission of meditation, the peace advocate reminisced his recent visit to Pakistan. “It was simply nice. They welcomed me with all drums and cheers at the Waghah border. Though I was there only for three days, I was much delighted by them,” said Guruji.

To a question  on the popularity of Art of Living across the globe, he quipped that the art of living is very popular in countries like Mongolia, Argentina, and Brazil. Some centres have been opened in Norway which is near the north pole.  A few centres are functioning near south pole as well. However, with a moonlit appearance and twinkling smiles he vouched that the art is not popular as mobile phones today.

Guruji dreams a violence free society, disease free body, confusion free mind, inhibition free intellect, trauma free memory and sorry free soul.  Courtesy Malayala Manorama

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