Friday, January 11, 2013


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Art of Living Foundation founder Sri Sri Ravishankar on Thursday blamed vested interests for the conflict between India and Pakistan.

"It's operated by vested interests, corrupt politicians and arms dealers through nexus with mafia who wish to continue such conflicts between two nations".

In an interactive session with scientists organized by the Swadeshi Science Movement on convergence between Science and Spirituality at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) here, Sri Sri Ravishankar said, "I hold the politicians responsible for the state of affairs in the country, be it the increasing corruption in society, grave crimes and erosion of values in society. People with integrity suffer while the aggressive are taking the lead. Yet, do not lose hope, things will definitely improve".

On the relation between science and spirituality, he said, "the want of convergence never existed. Science and spirituality, existed as one in the East and the West".

Quoting Indian philosopher Adi Shankara, he said, "Whatever you see doesn't exist, its consciousness 'chaitanya' alone exists. It is similar to quantum physics, the wave particle duality of matter and energy". True science and spirituality drives away superstitious beliefs and narrow mindedness, he said.

Responding to a query on how to enhance the positive energy in oneself and others, he quipped, "Smile, interact with others and try not to get hurt others by developing a 'so what' attitude. Suffering comes through ignorance and stress. Awaken the divinity from within through meditation, breathing exercise, chants and prayers". Divinity, he said, is that frame of spiritual mind that is attentive and sacred. For instance, a book is revered for the words of wisdom, say holy books such as Gita, Quran or Bible

"Mind is like the wave and human spirit like ocean. Pure thoughts and powerful emotions create vibrations and an energy field. Distant healing by prayers is a practical reality and is scientifically proven," he said.

ISRO former chairman Dr G Madhavan Nair, Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) executive vice-president V N Rajasekharan Pillai, Swadeshi Science Movement president VPN Nampoori, KSCSTE former chairman C G Ramachandran Nair, RGCB director M Radhakrishna Pillai, TBGRI former director P Pushpangadhan, SCTMST director Dr K Radhakrishnan and Vigyan Bharathi secretary general A Jayakumar spoke.

Sri Sri presented the Swadeshi Innovation award to noted scientists A Ajayaghosh and CA Jayaprakash.

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