Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar receives Honorary Doctorates from Argentina

Argentina, Sept 7. 2012: Humanitarian leader and Founder, The Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was awarded the honorary doctorate, Honoris Causa Doctor at the Siglo XXI University Campus in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.

Dr. Jose Manuel de la Sota, Governor of Cordoba, also named Sri Sri as the honorary citizen of Cordoba for his foundation's humanitarian work. Dr Sergio Lais, General Consul of India named Sri Sri as the Custodian of the World Peace. 

The Dean of the University invited Sri Sri University, India to sign a cooperation agreement for the exchange of professors, students and knowledge.

At this university conference, Sri Sri said, “I hope to take to the East, the good from the West, (and) take the good from the East to the West and make a better world together. Today, knowledge from West and East are not separate. We are in a globalized world and our youth deserve more than a partial vision.”

Addressing the students, Sri Sri said, “You should have two goals: your personal growth and your contribution to society, because when your mind is happy, you want to share it with all.” 

Sri Sri was also awarded with a Diploma of Honour from the Buenos Aires University where thousands had gathered.

Highlighting the need for reviving human values in society, Sri Sri spoke at a conference in the University: “We need to include wisdom and human values in the programs; it is the way to fight against violence and depression”. Speaking on corruption, Sri Sri stated, “When there is lack of spirituality and sense of belonging corruption arises and this begins to revert when common people take responsibility”.

Speaking to University authorities, educators and students, Sri Sri also underlined the importance of meditation as a way to enhance the quality the life and elevate our consciousness.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will guide a global meditation at the El Planeta Medita event on September 9, 2012, (21.00 hours GMT) where 100,000 people will meditate simultaneously.  Read More

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