Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spirituality in India: Countering the Roots of Corruption

The world's largest democracy held Legislative Assembly elections in February this year across five states. Greed, in the form of unchecked corruption, bribery, and entrenched special interests, is a burning issue for the people.

In India, bribes are a common occurrence. If you want a building permit, you expect to pay a bribe. Bribery is found not just in the government sector. If you want the death certificate of a dear one, you pay a bribe. Even a birth certificate comes with a price!

However, the people of India are angry and fed up. Over the past year, they have been using their collective power to call for change, including passage of the Jan Lopkal Bill, which would establish independent anti-corruption bodies in every state. (Jan is Sanskrit word for "citizens." Lokpal means "protector of the people.") This is a stronger version of Lopkal bills that have been introduced ten separate times since 1968, without success.

Corruption begins where belongings ends. A lack of faith, and a missing attitude of service and compassion also contribute to corruption, as do selfishness and a sense of insecurity. People try to find security solely in money. But even after acquiring money, the insecurity does not disappear. In fact, a person becomes more fearful if the money is not earned in an ethical way. Read More

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