Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sri Sri offers to talk to the Taliban

Art of Living opens its first peace centre in Islamabad

Spiritual guru of the ‘Art of Living (AOL)' fame Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Tuesday offered to engage with the Taliban to help resolve the ongoing conflict. Speaking to his followers in the federal capital after opening the first AOL Peace Centre in Pakistan, he said: “I want to talk to the Taliban, understand them; give them my opinion, my piece of mind.”

This was his refrain through his interactions here; both with his followers and the media. Asked how AOL could be used to deal with the situation facing Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said: “AOL should engage in conflict resolution wherever possible. We can make a difference. We should keep trying and not give up.”

Earlier, while interacting with the media, ‘Guruji' said he was willing to meet the Taliban and have a dialogue with them. “Life is too short; we do not have enough time to love. Where is the time to fight?”  Read More

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