Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spiritual leader Sri Ravi Shankar all praise for Aman Ki Asha

LAHORE: The Aman Ki Asha by bringing Indian and Pakistanis together without any political tagging has obligated the politicians on both sides of the border to change their approach of attracting voters through war rhetoric and hate mongering.

This was stated by humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace Sri Ravi Shankar in an exclusive interview with The News on his visit to Lahore on Tuesday. He lauded the initiative taken by the Jang Group and Times of India and termed it the most effective way of eliminating the misconceptions between the peoples of two countries.

“Majority of Pakistanis see Hindus as polytheists and majority of Hindus see all Pakistanis as extremists while both these concepts are wrong; Indians are monotheists and not all Pakistanis are extremists,” he said.

“By taking away the complications associated with governmental policies and political pressures, Aman Ki Asha is not only working to clear these misunderstandings but is also achieving political and regional reformation between the peoples of these countries,” he reflected.

Answering a question about extremist elements at both sides of the border, Sri Ravi Shankar said that although religious extremism also existed in India and the Senas might portray a rather violent face yet it had very bleak following among the people.Read More

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