Sunday, January 8, 2012

School feeding scheme motivated Albert

Albert lives with his disabled father, older brother and sister in Dobsonville, but money is tight.

“My big brother and sister are working - that’s where we’re getting our income from, and also from my dad’s pension. But the income isn’t enough for me to have lunch money.”

The Art of Living Foundation, a humanitarian and educational NGO, runs the school feeding scheme, which sustains 100 to 300 pupils like Albert every school day.

But Albert didn’t only enjoy the meals, he volunteered in the kitchen, too.

“I’m very passionate about helping people. When I started volunteering, I was alone. But then my friends joined me and we all liked doing it.”

“We’re so proud of Albert and proud of all the kids,” says Aneshree Naidoo. He volunteers as project co-ordinator for the Youth Village project, an outreach initiative of Art of Living’s sister organisation, the International Association for Human Values.

All eight matrics the project supports have passed.

“The situations some of these kids are in - they are so hungry for knowledge. It’s the simple things they need. We managed to get uniforms for them, open a computer lab and run the feeding scheme.”  Read More

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