Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on real laughter

If you ever happened to meet God, do you know what you would tell him? “Oh, I have met you inside.” God will dance in our life when your day dawns in laughter and love. True prayer is laughing in the morning. Don’t just be laughing outside but from deep inside. The laughter comes from the centre of our Being, from the core of our heart. True laughter is true prayer. When you laugh, all of nature laughs with you. When things go all right, everybody can laugh, but when everything falls apart, and then if you can laugh, that is evolution and growth. So there is nothing in life that is more worthy than your laughter. Never lose it for anything.

Events come and go. Some are a little pleasant, some are unpleasant, but whatever happens, they all leave you untouched. Read More

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