Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eradicate Slum India and Scam India: Sri Sri.

AHMEDABAD: As the Art of Living was preparing to present 5,000 vegetarian dishes as part of its Annam Brahma programme on Tuesday, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - the organisation's founder - urged India to stop obsessing about records. Sri Sri said: "A record may be set, but it is a small aspect of the programme, which is based on the premise that 'food is God'." 

The gentle caution comes at a time when the latest global hunger index reveals that India is ranked below neighbouring countries such as China and Pakistan. So when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar enamelled his spiritual exhortations with pragmatic counselling, his devotees found his guidance affirming and accessible. "Respect food, and help those who don't have it," he said. Read More

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