Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Like father Like Son.

Coimbatore: Like any other child he goes about jumping from one place to another trying hard to grab the attention of his parents. But the moment he hears the word ‘asana' he jigs in delight. That's S. Niranjan for you.
The Standard II student of SBOA MHSS, with abundant yoga talent, is selected to represent the Indian yoga team for the South Asian championship to be held in Kathmandu from May 15 to 17.
“He knows about 50 asanas of which 10 are advanced. Incredible for his age,” says his father.
The eight-year-old is the only sub-junior boy from this part of the region to take part in this prestigious championship, which is staged by the South Asian Yoga Federation. How did it all start? Niranjan's father, B. Soundaraj is with the Art of Living foundation for over a decade. “I used to stage yoga demonstrations as I am fully aware of the asanas. Probably, that sparked the interest in him,” he says. Read More from the Hindu

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