Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art of Meditation: a Relaxing Meditation Course The Art of Living Foundation (AOLF) announces a course with one of their Senior International teachers, Ms Sangeeta Jani. The course, called "the Art of Meditation," will teach a relaxing meditation technique which is easy to learn and easy to practice. The course will be held at the Holiday Inn, 1740 N First Street, San Jose, CA starting on June 5, 2010. According to the Foundation's website, millions have taken the course across the world. "This technique has changed my life and I am surprised at how easy it was to learn. I calm down and relax instantly when I practice the meditation" - says Elaine who took the course in Los Altos with another senior AOLF teacher, Denise Marcus.

"I travel a lot and the meditation has rid me of jet-lag. Unlike guided meditations, I can do this on my own, anywhere, anytime" - says Gary from Fremont, CA, who has taken the course a few years ago and practices regularly. "I have tried transcendental and mindful meditation. The Art of Meditation technique is something I have been able to stick to" - says Zhinhong, another participant. Read More

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