Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The big debate: Godmen or badman

Spiritual gurus can marry if they want to

In Hindu thought, the four ashramas are brahmacharya, grihasta, vanaprastha and sanyas. Though sanyas ashram comes last, there is a provision to allow mature people to go directly from brahmacharya ashram to sanyas ashram. The maturity comes from memory of past life and sadhana (mediation) in the present life.

Celibacy is more or less a happening than a vow. When ones prana rises up from the base chakra to higher chakras, the body becomes insignificant, hence the interest in sex is reduced to nothing.

Proponents of only three religions in the entire world — Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholics — practise celibacy as a religious vow. Among the three, Hinduism is much more liberal. There are swamis who are also grihastas (householders) like Ramakrishna Paramhans, Sriram Sharma of Gayatri Parivar and many others. So, spiritual leadership does not entirely lie only on sanyasis but also householders. Read More from the DNA

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