Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meeting Sri Sri Ravishankar was a turning point in my life: Rhea Pillai

Mumbai: There have been several turning points in my life but meeting my guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji numbers amongst the biggest of them. When I did the Art of Living course in Mumbai in 1996, I really didn't know what to expect. But later I travelled to Rishikesh for the advanced course and it was there that we met.

Over the last 14 years my depth and perspective on life has expanded immeasurably thanks to this journey that I've undertaken with Him. It gave me the answers to the questions I was seeking then and has continued to do so. It's brought about an indescribable change in my life, a feeling of depth and deep calmness.To give you an example I've just returned from the Art of Living ashram where I went through two weeks of learning something in Sanskrit, the process of doing which has taken my life state higher. With this comes a deep sense of assurance and knowing. Read More

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