Friday, January 8, 2010

Udupi: Genetical Modifications, Ploy to Subvert Granary – Sri Sri Ravishankar

Udupi, Jan 8: “A ploy to throw out of gear and destroy the food granary of the world is being hatched through the introduction of genetically modified seeds. We have to resist the genetical modifications and save our seeds, cows, land and water,” felt Sri Sri Ravishankar, spiritual head of Art of Living Foundation, Bangalore.

He was speaking after accepting the ‘Navayuga Guru (Guru of the modern era)’ award at the symposium on world peace, organized on Thursday January 7 at the Rajangan of Sri Krishna Mutt here. Earlier in the day, he paid obeisance to Lord Krishna.

“The DNA of scorpion has been used to genetically modify brinjal. Those who eat this brinjal may also imbibe the attribute of stinging others, like a scorpion. The vaccine for swine flu had been found two years ago. The spread of swine flu recently smacks of a conspiracy to make money through boosting the sale of this vaccine,” he explained.

“Let us be alert to the people who display demonic traits. Let us constantly follow the principles of Karma (duty-work), knowledge, meditation and devotion. A genuine devotee does not nurse enmity about any one. If Bhagawadgita is recited in every household, refinement, culture and control over our senses get achieved automatically. The temples should take up the task of teaching the people to recite the songs of Dasas and the Vachanas,” he advised. Read More

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