Thursday, November 19, 2009

A moment in history!

The Art of Living meditation hall complex coming up at 'Swarnabhoomi' near Chennai is indeed going to be a moment in history. For the benefit of everyone's understanding, we wish to present the project in its proper perspective.

The project is designed as an all-inclusive self-contained township providing for living, working, education and most important, spirituality, the basis of everything in life.

MARG has offered to build a meditation hall and allied complex, including ayurveda spa etc. The complex is going to be owned and managed by the Art of Living. It is going to be the biggest Art of
Living complex outside our Ashram!

The highlights of the Art of Living complex:

As advised by Guruji, the meditation hall is going to be in the shape of a conch and 108-feet tall. The shape is obviously with reference to the conch that appears every 12-years in the nearby Thirukazhakundram temple pond (please see note below).
The meditation hall will accommodate 5,000-persons.
The amphitheater will provide for a similar number.
Ayurveda spa and all allied activities will take shape eventually.
A convention centre.

The Art of Living complex will be a major center for all our activities in Chennai, a landmark. Since Guruji is answering our long-felt need to have some thing like this close to Chennai, we are sure you will agree, that each and everyone of us need to get involved in the event in a very big way!

Huge arrangements are being made to make the event a grand success. But it can be grand and an honor befitting our dear Guruji only when each of us get fully involved. All of us need to joyfully pitch in and be a part of the history in the making.

We appeal to every Art of Living devotee to personally reach out to at least 10-people, both in and out Art of Living. Please devote the next few days to do this. Let us take a Sankalpa that together as a team we will take a minimum of 5,000-people to the Satsang on 26-Nov-09.

Come, let us CELEBRATE!

Yours in Divine Service,
Akhila Srinivasan & Joseph Enok


The location:

89-kms from Chennai or 60-kms from Pondicherry in a village named Seekinankuppam in Cheyyur Taluk of Kanchipuram District.
On the East Coast Road connecting Chennai and Pondicherry, positioned near Chennai’s IT Hub, Siruseri.
The significance: Very close to Thirukazhukundram, also known as Dakshina Kailasam, is one of the most-celebrated temples glorified by Thevara Hymns. According to legend, the four Vedas; Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana are seen here in the shape of four boulders, placed one above the other with Lord Shiva as Vedagiriswarar, emerging from the head of 4th Veda, Atharvana. Hence the place gets the name Vedagiri. The hill is 500-feet high and has about 550-steps. The central shrine of Vedagiriswarar is seen built of three large boulders, constituting the 3-walls of the sanctum sanctorum. The main deity is a Swaymbu Lingam. In the enclosure around the sanctum sanctorum, are the shrines for Sokkanayagi and for Vinayakar (in a dancing posture). Once upon a time, a pair of eagles used to visit this temple and eat the temple prasad. Every 12-years, a conch appears from the temple pond, with which Abhishekham is performed to the reigning deity even today.


26-Nov-09: Divya Satsang, 6-pm onwards.
27-Nov-09: Rudra Puja, 6.30-am onwards, followed by foundation laying ceremony of the meditation hall

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