Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spiritualist Says Racism Solution Rests in Education

Courtesy The Korea Times, 13th October, 2009

A world-famous Indian spiritualist who preaches world peace said Korea must look toward its education system in order to institute the multicultural mindsets that will see them overcome racism.

Speaking after giving a talk on meditation and breathing techniques surrounding his art of living concept on Monday night at the YMCA in Gangnam, he said regionalism will be a problem for the country until it starts out on the process of multiculturalism.

"We have to teach people a multicultural and broad mindset, otherwise, you know, a sort of narrow racism and regionalism will be a problem for people," he said.

"Only through education, and multicultural events like what we are doing here, will promote that.

"I have just arrived here, and have not been here much, but I have heard about (racism in Korea). Racism is a sign of ignorance and a shame of the 21st century."

The Korea Times has turned the spotlight on the racism issue in recent weeks, following the high-profile racist discrimination case won recently by Indian man Bonojit Hussain.

Sri Sri is in Korea to give a talk at the World Knowledge Forum being held in Seoul this week, where former U.S. President George W. Bush is also a speaker. The Gangnam event was one of two sideline events he is holding.

When asked about the involvement of fellow speaker Bush, Sri Sri said, "Well, that is good. Everybody is welcome in knowledge. It is a lack of knowledge that gives a different color to your personality."

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